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The Supplier Industry – Partner and Innovator.

Just a few years ago, suppliers were just the manufacturers' extended workbench. Today they are often the ones doing critical research and development to create future technologies. Agile and innovative market players have the best chance of repositioning themselves in the marketplace. [ru:t] assists to optimize your projects and your project management with individualized use of agile methods and a suitable implementation strategy. Furthermore we are also aside when it comes to realization of these.

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Professional Project Management: Do You Need a Project Manager at Short Notice to Manage an Important and Complex Customer Project?

[ru:t] Project Management

Our project managers have a methodological and personal competence in project management. Preserve flexibility in your business by optimizing the use of our project management specialists while ensuring the success of your projects.

Our project managers lead your complex projects with methods, intellect, and talent. In doing so, we follow your processes and associated standards and introduce the necessary templates and tools. Thus we connect projects, organizations, and customers across different locations and time zones to ensure project success. Based on the experience gained in these projects, we develop approaches for optimizing your processes and implement them together with you.

[ru:t] Operational Project Management

Operational and agile project management for suppliers is the basis of [ru:t]. Our specialists take on tasks in the project, work out results, and support the project manager in his processes.

Sometimes it only takes routine support to successfully implement a project. We offer you the necessary capacities to manage your projects in all phases of the product development and production process.

Project Management With [ru:t] Means:

  • Complete transparency about goals, tasks, responsibilities, and appointments in the respective teams

  • Increased product quality through successful control, especially in the early project phases

  • Fast reaction times in cases of faults and deviations

  • Sustainable decisions based on complete information

[ru:t] PMO Service
[ru:t] PMO Service

Building a Project Management Office / PMO as a Service: Project Management Becomes Part of the Value Chain in Your Company

Our customers are professionals in their industry. They know which innovation will enhance their market position. Nevertheless good ideas also require efficient and professional management for their successful implementation. Especially the interface to the customer and his need for clarity and transparency increase the demands on the project leader. In many cases, a project management office (PMO) is a good way to professionalize project management and position it in the company as part of the value chain:

It serves as the central point in the company

  • to uniform processes, standards and methods
  • to the different needs within your projects          
  • Project management provides and supports the project leader in his operations
  • and controls the project portfolio.

High efficiency in your projects through a functional and accepted project landscape:

Together with you we define and develop a conversion concept tailored to your requirements. We optimize your processes and system landscapes, convey the necessary understanding to management, and ensure sustainable implementation. Dependencies and the strategic impact of the entire project portfolio are tracked so that you can strategically intervene at any time.

The once resisted project management experience becomes the basis for your future leaders.

Training and Coaching of Project Leaders

We train and coach your project managers with the sophisticated [bu:st] training system and the [bu:st] project management methods. We also develop individual training and training concepts to meet your needs to ensure that the trained content can also be successfully applied in your projects.

The result: Project leaders whose leadership skills are characterized by both rational methodological knowledge and the necessary soft skills.

[ru:t] Coaching

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