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[ru:t] as a Project Management Service Provider – Our Home Is in Many Industries

We have successfully supported our customers in product development processes in more than 500 projects. Our methodical consulting approach and operational project management has saved customers money, time, and resources, giving them an important competitive advantage.

We have many years of experience in the following sectors:

Automotive Suppliers

Our origin is in the automotive supplier industry. We can look back on decades of experience in the areas of research, development, and production and have supported the realization of a wide variety of components in the areas of combustion engines, electronics, and moulding of interior/exterior assemblies. In all of these projects the challenge is to meet the milestones of the OEM on time with increasing functional and quality requirements. In parallel, necessary processes within the own company must be complied with. Internal cost pressure, customer specific change requests during testing and ramp-up phases increase the complexity of the project. This can be handled through methodological procedures and an professional project management.


The development of a system in plant engineering is not only subject to time and cost restrictions. The necessary process management and the customer's existing boundary conditions lead to highly complex projects. Our consultants create transparency by coordinating all interfaces, both internall and with your customers. They always have an eye on the overall system, but they also do not lose control of the essential details in order for your system to be integrated into production at the customer.

Injection Moulding

The majority of components in an automobile are made of plastic. The component complexity ranges from simple closure to complete center consoles, in which electronic components are installed and partially painted. [ru:t] is characterized by experience and understanding of how components are produced. In addition to our core competency, methodical and structured project management, we also have an understanding of the development and the subsequent industrialization of these components, whether they are in the interior or exterior area. In addition, we develop technologies for 3D printing together with partners as well as in our own workshops.


The civil aviation industry is an innovative, high-tech industry that decisively shapes the economic and technological location of Germany. [ru:t] helps aerospace companies, aircraft manufacturers, and suppliers increase the achievement of their goal development, streamline processes, and maximize organizational performance. Due to our many years of experience in project management and the development processes of the aerospace industry, we are familiar with the special requirements for the individual components and overall systems. We meet the special challenges of a product with maximum reliability by means of our individually adapted and sustainable solutions from project and process management.

Energy Industry

The energy transition and the associated change processes create challenges which we were able to successfully assist with managing in well-known companies. Through excellent project management, we support our customers in the energy industry with the timely implementation of their strategically important projects in the field of energy management and energy production. That's how we help to ensure future success.


Project management for hybrid powertrains and fully electrified vehicles has recently become a focal point in the electronics and high-voltage industry: from understanding the development of small individual systems, such as automatic start-stop, to fully electric driving, including gearbox development for power transmission to the axle. With experience in "Local Contect" contracts under enormous cost pressure, we also understand how to lead international projects. Often, several OEM customers are involved in a project as a joint venture, whose different processes and production processes must be taken into account. Worldwide coordination, timely deliveries, and project transparency towards supplier and OEMs distinguish our projects. Efficient and shortened schedules give your project air, avoiding the use of a taskforce.

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